Sweet Sixteen Celebration


The Sweet Sixteen celebration for Natasha and Michael (twins) that was given by their grandparents was filled with anticipation and excitement. Natasha had an amazingly beautiful dress, with layer after layer of purple tulle, accented with sequins and flowers. Michael (who smiled all night) had a coordinating shirt, (the tie managed to get lost somewhere). This is a debutante's coming out party and is a celebration that honors coming of age and the maturity that comes with turning sixteen. There was great food, great music with the exciting sounds of the Hispanic culture, the cake was incredible, the design, the size and flavor will not be forgotten. Natasha and Michael were presented many gifts, then the dancing started, it seemed that everyone took part in the dances. The evening concluded with a special performance by Natasha and her friends.   I have attached one website that can tell you a little more about this traditional event. www.ehow.com/about_6325638_hispanic-traditions-sweet-sixteen-party.html   Congratulations Natasha and Michael, and thank-you for the opportunity to photograph the entire event. 

Fun With The Easter Bunny


 Brightly colored eggs, flowers, new Easter dresses, laughs, giggles, and the Easter Bunny - honestly, what more can you ask for?  Not only were our Easter photo sessions a huge success, they were an absolute blast.  The kids had so much fun playing with Stacy (the bunny), and Rocky enjoyed teasing and playing with the kids.  In retrospect, I'm not sure who enjoyed themselves the most.  I loved seeing all the girls in their pretty dresses and bonnets, and the boys in their ties.  That said, if I had to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, one of my favorites was a little gentleman in coveralls.  He was so sweet.  We got several shots of him with Stacy and a wagon that I just adore.

All of the kids and families that came in were terrific, and I can't wait to show everyone their proofs.  To all of our fantastic customers that made this such a success, thank you.

Finally, I should also thank Stacy the Easter Bunny.  She was a real trooper, and got plenty of carrots and kale for spending the day with us.